The Expendables 3

A Writers Resolution

Hi all,

It is New Year’s Day!

This is a day of reflection and planning. Typically the plans last a whole month or two, or in my case days. But I am thinking that there has to be a way to make these plans, or resolutions as they are comment called, stick. There are people that are able to do it every year, my guess would be in the millions but could be as low as thousands. Maybe they have super willpower, like superhuman willpower like a superhero, we could call him will (oh wait doesn’t the Green Lantern use will power or is it the power of will and who is will?)

I have goals this year and I am going to reveal said goals to you, I am going to… Oh Legs by ZZ Top is on!

Ok I’m back, where was I? Oh ya my goals. I want to finish my novel this year, and I want to get back to regularity posting here. I guess my resolutions involve writing. I think I want to try to write every day this year, weather it is in my novel or here or somewhere else yet to be determined. If I can keep up this pace I should finish my novel quickly and maybe have a second or third draft done by this time next year.

I don’t think my daily writings have to be long. It might be a short two sentence something, but it will be written and properly logged and stored. Maybe a short story or two are in order, just writing that last sentence I got an idea for a short story. I will have to start writing it tomorrow, or maybe today sometime.

I have other resolutions to be sure, I would like to get more active, ect. You know the ones, and I might write about them later, but that is all for now.


Yay Pics! (Vacation #3)

Hi my party people (I stole that from someone else but whatever,)

As I am writing this I am watching a nerd HQ with Yavonne Stravhoski with Joel, my brother,  she is funny.

Today we arrived in Vancouver. The drive was better than yesterday. We hit the chocahalla, spelt wrong of course. At one point we were very high, altimeterly speaking.

1600m Above Sea Level
I’m 1600 meters above sea level

There were lots of view points here are some more pics.

More Mountain Lake Pics, of course there is no Lake.
More Mountain Lake Pics, of course there is no Lake.
Here is another pic of the lake
Here is another pic of the lake
A Pic of the Mountains
A Pic of the Mountains
It's my Dad driving
It’s my Dad driving

yay pics.


On the Road Again (Vacation #2)

Hi all,

I am now in Vernon, British Columbia. It was a long ride, what should have taken five years, um I mean hours,  took about nine hours. So I am nineteen hours of travel into my trip. Tomorrow we make it to Vancouver Yay!

Today we stopped at a Safeway in Canmore, which is beautifully situated in the middle of the mountains. No matter what direction I looked I saw mountains. As a kid from the broil forest, borial stupid autocorrect, it was an impressive site.

After another hour or two we ended up at a picnic site just outside Lake Louise. I had a half lumberjack that I had gotten in the Safeway. Yummmm.

Going through the mountains was cool. Lots of trees like home, but unlike home there was lots of elevation changes. My ears were popping more than an Orvile Redenbacher factory. Fun!

And then there was Lake Mara. This lake is like ten kilometres long, and crazy clean. There was lots of houseboats on the lake as well.

We finally made it to Vernon and had supper at an Aisian food place, no where near as good as Aisian Le, but it was passable. Now Dad is watching Madagascar 2 and I am writing this. I love the line, “This place is a dump, you sure we aren’t in New Jersey”

I guess this ends day two, we’ll see how long I keep this up, Evonne I am looking at you and shrugging my shoulders.


*Update added some pics

Pic taken while on the road
Dad & Zoe watching Madagascar 2
Dad and Zoe watching Madagascar 2