Month: July 2014


Hi everyone, Two asides within one week, I’m on a roll. I worked on the PA Parade broadcast with Shaw TV and they have put the parade on YouTube. If you missed the parade and want to watch it check it out here. Read More

Subscribe Button

Hi All, I have added a subscribe button in the sidebar. Go, Subscribe, All your secrets will be mine, HAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, and… ROCK ON internet ROCK ON Read More

The Child Lucy’s FireFall

Hi everyone, It’s me again. with another edition of Steve’s Awesomeness™! I was looking through the Go! Prince Albert playlist on Shaw TV Saskatoon’s youtube channel today and I came across a great video. (Oh you are wondering what I was doing looking through the Go! Prince Albert playlist? Well I live in Prince Albert and Read More

New Feature

Hi All, I have added a new page to, my photo gallery! Here I will upload pictures I have taken. If you want higher resolution versions contact me and we will see what I can do. Continue Rocking internet. Read More

The Secret Gimmik

Hi All, Time for my weekly ramblings again… and the world goes into a frenzy crashing with traffic and… Sprots centre Top 10 is on, you will have to wait. OK I’m back. Speaking of SPORTSCENTRE You can vote for the Kraft Celebration Tour today and tomorrow, It’s a competition on TSN, and I Read More

iTrek: The Next Device

Hi All, It’s me again. This week a monumental thing has happened. I got an iPad.  My resistance to the iPad has never been an emotional one for me, but calculated (as I am writing this I am watching American Ninja Warrior and they have been hyping someone called “The Karate Hottie” and she didn’t Read More

Mr. President

Hi internet people, Last weekend I had to go to Saskatoon again. The good news is that there is paint on the walls, but I didn’t have much to do (or I successfully avoided work). (Does the period go in front of or behind the parenthesis, Evonne?) Anywho, I was browzing netflicks and an older Read More

Hi All

Here I am! I am writing a blog. I am going to blog about stuff, and that’s the technical term. On Monday I went to Saskatoon to help work on a property my parents own, by the way I think I dropped as many screws as I put into the roof. but that meant that Read More

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Read More