Hi All

Here I am!

I am writing a blog. I am going to blog about stuff, and that’s the technical term.

On Monday I went to Saskatoon to help work on a property my parents own, by the way I think I dropped as many screws as I put into the roof. but that meant that I didn’t get to watch 24 on Tuesday, and the other shows I record.

24, whoa. What a show. I own all the DVDs that are available so you can say that I am a bit of a fan. When this season premiered, I had a massive smile on my face, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it.

Keifer Sutherland is amazing. The intensity he can convey from one look is crazy. I love his work on 24, and on Touch (if you don’t know on Touch Kiefer plays a character with just as much intensity).

This year they have turned up the crazy on 24. I find the setting is wrong. There is something to say about putting Jack in another country, but the Americans in the show have too much freedom in a foreign country. In my opinion Jack and one CIA agent should be working with MI-5, and the whole thing should be a MI-5 operation not a CIA operation.

That being said this season of 24 is amazing. If you get the chance to watch it do. If you don’t like the torture that 24 is known for don’t worry. While the torture is still a part of the world the characters don’t partake in it’s simplicity too much. As a matter of fact this year Jack has yet to torture anyone, wait there may have been one person and Jack was stopped before he could do any actual damage, as opposed to previous seasons where Jack tortured someone every episode.

Well, I didn’t plan on talking about 24 today, but whatever. I plan to, on this blog, talk about whatever I want whenever I feel like it.

Well it looks like Ottawa’s first football, CFL, game is about to start so it’s time to go.

ROCK ON internet ROCK ON!

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