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Hi internet people,

Last weekend I had to go to Saskatoon again. The good news is that there is paint on the walls, but I didn’t have much to do (or I successfully avoided work). (Does the period go in front of or behind the parenthesis, Evonne?)

Anywho, I was browzing netflicks and an older show showed up, so I watched the first episode. This show is a drama about office politics. This show made me laugh and now I am a fan. I bet you can guess what show I’m talking about. Here is a hint, take the title of this post into account. That’s right, I am talking about The West Wing.

I think the charm of this show is that the small nucleus of people that make up the President’s senior staff. You know the Press Secretary, Chief of Staff, Speechwriter, ect. oh ya the President is a regular character too.

I like that we join the office as it is in the middle of working. There is no new character that is introduced into the office to introduce us to the inner workings of the show (a wordsmith I am not, maybe someone can help me?)

I find the show funny and fun. The writing and acting I find impeccable, especially the season 1 finale. You should check it out.

Anyhow I gotta go learn about the 90’s.

ROCK ON internet ROCK ON!

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  1. I had no clue how popular this show was, I guess 7 seasons should have been my first clue. I just saw a piece on The West Wing on a show called The 90’s, The Last Great Decade?

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