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It’s me again. This week a monumental thing has happened. I got an iPad.  My resistance to the iPad has never been an emotional one for me, but calculated (as I am writing this I am watching American Ninja Warrior and they have been hyping someone called “The Karate Hottie” and she didn’t make it past the first obstacle, hahaha) ok back to the iPad. My argument over it has been that it is a closed environment, but my soundboard at church has an iOS app and no android app. I got a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad mini. I like it, but I have gotten addicted to comic books.

With my new iPad I needed to find a means of entertainment with it. I have been reading the Star Trek: Ongoing series by publisher IDW. This series follows the crew of the Enterprise after the destruction of Vulcan. It is pretty cool. In one book they even setup some of the more ridiculous parts of Into Darkness, ala beaming off Earth to Qo’Nos, Klingon home world.

Sometimes Checkov is hard to understand, just like in the movie, they wrote his dialogue in a Russian accent. I’m not sure I like that decision, but it allows for some fun, remember in the movie (Wictor Wictor Two?)

There is a new storyline that IDW is starting that involves Q. I like Q. My dad says he is Loki in the Star Trek universe, and I think he is right. I have never thought of Q as Loki, but he is. When Q shows up he causes some mischief and the crew of the ship (Enterprise, Voyager, or Deep Space 9) have to navigate the trouble. This kinda sounds like Loki’s role in the Avengers/Thor stories. I am looking forward to the rest of the story involving him.

I have also read a Dr. Who/Star Trek: TNG, The Next Generation, crossover story that was not too well written, or too well drawn. I found the art style too much into the uncanny valley (if you are unfamiliar with the theory check it out, the folks over at Extra Credits did a good job of explaining this.) I found this a fun diversion. If you are a Dr. Who and TNG fan check it out, like I said It’s not a great story but a fun diversion.

My verdict? iPad = cool. Star Trek: Ongoing = Cool. Dr. Who/ST:TNG = average

ROCK ON internet ROCK ON

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