The Secret Gimmik

Hi All,

Time for my weekly ramblings again… and the world goes into a frenzy crashing with traffic and… Sprots centre Top 10 is on, you will have to wait.

OK I’m back. Speaking of SPORTSCENTRE You can vote for the Kraft Celebration Tour today and tomorrow, It’s a competition on TSN, and I need you all to vote for Prince Albert and our waterslides. You can watch a video explaining it all on the Tour website I linked above.

Every year when Sports Centre goes on their tour I wish they would come to my home, Prince Albert, and now that they are they are coming I am out of town! They are here the weekend of my brother’s grad. I hope you appreciate my sacrifice Joel.

What have I done this week? I can talk to you about “The Secret Service” which is a comic book series about an MI6 agent and his nephew. It involves a mad billionaire trying to destroy the world and an MI6 agent trying to save it. It takes a few cues from James Bond and a few nods to more franchises. I loved it and it is amazing.¬† If you have a problem with swearing, or nudity you might not want this book. Most of the book is good, unless you have an issue with some¬† swearing, but there is one page with some nudity, I wish they had not put that in there, it wasn’t necessary. Due to the nudity I can not recommend this book, and it saddens me.

There was something I wanted to mention last week but didn’t have the time… now what was it? Oh ya Rising Star.

This is a new singing competition show on ABC/CTV. What makes this show interesting is the way you vote. You vote for your favorites through an app on your mobile device, screenshot below.

When the contestant is singing you either vote yes or no as they sing and they know instantly if they move onto the next round. The host is Josh Groban and the “Specialists” read judges in any other show, are Ludacris, Kesha, and Brad Paisley. Kesha was a mistake, I think she is high most episodes and the producers had to censor her on Sunday. But I am a victim of the gimmick (shoot I just accidentally added gimmik to my spell check dictionary.) I love voting instantly on my phone. Swipe right, swipe left, but for heaven’s sake SWIPE!

Oh well, Time to go I guess.

ROCK ON internet ROCK ON

Rising Star App
A screenshot of the Rising Star app

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