The Child Lucy’s FireFall

Hi everyone,

It’s me again. with another edition of Steve’s Awesomeness™!

I was looking through the Go! Prince Albert playlist on Shaw TV Saskatoon’s youtube channel today and I came across a great video. (Oh you are wondering what I was doing looking through the Go! Prince Albert playlist? Well I live in Prince Albert and do some work for Shaw TV, I was wondering if any of my stories was on the YouTube channel, and yes one is.) The video I am talking about is an interview that a 6 year-old boy did with the author Wes Funk.

And now onto other things

I watched Lucy on Friday, what an awesome movie! This movie reminds me of Limitless and Inception. It is a thinker and action rolled into one. The movie is about an average woman, Lucy, who gets wrapped up in a bad situation and ends up increasing her mental capacity. and of course there are people after her that wants to kill her. Morgan Freeman is in this movie so you know it is going to be awesome.

Also Firefall is released on Tuesday. Being in the beta for the game gave me early access and the game is awesome. The developer, Red 5, has crafted an amazing game that is completely free to play. I think the improvements they have made since my last login has been in the right direction.  Firefall is a third/first person MMO Shooter. The game is set in the future and most of the earth is uninhabitable. You are a mercenary working for the government in a war against… I don’t know what, they are called “The Chosen” but I don’t know what that means. You should definitely get the game, hey it’s free! If you do look up Cowak ingame, that’s me.

I think that is all for this week, I got to go record a parade for Shaw TV this evening and look at getting my niece a wristband for the fair.

ROCK ON internet ROCK ON!

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