Month: August 2014

Yay Pics! (Vacation #3)

Hi my party people (I stole that from someone else but whatever,) As I am writing this I am watching a nerd HQ with Yavonne Stravhoski with Joel, my brother,  she is funny. Today we arrived in Vancouver. The drive was better than yesterday. We hit the chocahalla, spelt wrong of course. At one point Read More

On the Road Again (Vacation #2)

Hi all, I am now in Vernon, British Columbia. It was a long ride, what should have taken five years, um I mean hours,  took about nine hours. So I am nineteen hours of travel into my trip. Tomorrow we make it to Vancouver Yay! Today we stopped at a Safeway in Canmore, which is Read More

The Traveling Man (Vacation #1?)

Hi All, Well that day has come. I am writing this from a hotel room in Calgary. I am traveling to Vancouver to see my brother graduate. I am traveling in a Ford Explorer with my Mom and Dad, Sister and Brother-in-Law, and my niece and nephew. So needless to say it is a squishy Read More

The Torrent of Files

UGGGH! I am exhausted! Maybe it’s me staying up too late, maybe it’s working on a project all morning only to have it not work out. A nap would do me good, maybe after writing this post I will have a nap. Last night I saw a documentary on Napster, called Downloaded. (It’s on Netflix Read More