The Traveling Man (Vacation #1?)

Hi All,

Well that day has come. I am writing this from a hotel room in Calgary. I am traveling to Vancouver to see my brother graduate. I am traveling in a Ford Explorer with my Mom and Dad, Sister and Brother-in-Law, and my niece and nephew. So needless to say it is a squishy ride. But a good one. The whole ten and a half hours we where on the road my niece kept asking when we are going to get to Vancouver, and after saying that we aren’t getting to Vancouver for a couple of days and that we are staying in Calgary tonight she asks if “Uncle Joel”, my brother, will be there. Par for the course for traveling with a three year old.

We stopped in Hanna for supper at a place called the cactus corner cafe. I had a mushroom swiss burger, which was amazing, sorry no pics. I was understandably focused on an amazing supper set before me.

Last Thursday I did a double feature of Guardians of the Galaxy and Ninja Turtles. Great movies. Lots of fun and excitement. Go see them, but do not take your children as it is pretty violent, unless you don’t care about that thing then go ahead, you are the parent.

I may or may not post something tomorrow, we’ll see. I have been thinking of blogging each day of my two week trip. Like I said we’ll see.

Here is an awesome video my sister showed me this morning before we left.


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  1. Hi!
    A) Your holiday: have the most terrifickest time ever! Post every day. Remember pictures, especially of fabulous foods! I am officially jealous.
    B) The Matrix. Wow. Surreal!!

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